Target Market Report

We are proud to introduce Aerie Lite to the product category of lingerie. Aerie Lite will offer the same quality, comfort, and fashion that Aerie is known for, while adding a sustainable twist. We are bringing Aerie a new product line, which consists of bras, panties, and lounge wear designs. Aerie Lite’s environmentally responsible designs are made using natural dyes and eco-friendly fibers. Aerie Lite’s new products will stand out because the current lingerie market lacks sustainable alternatives. Aerie Lite’s goal is to help women realize that they can have everything they want in a bra while being environmentally conscious at the same time. Aerie Lite will appeal to women who care about the environmental impact of the garment manufacturing process.


A sustainable brand extension at Aerie will be successful because Aerie customers have proven to care about women’s body image issues. Aerie’s current marketing campaign, Aerie Untouched uses ads with models who have have not had their appearance altered with Photoshop. Their new slogan is “The real you is sexy” (Duggan, 2015). Aerie Lite will leverage the success of this campaign by creating a line of clothing which is also untouched; untouched by harmful chemicals and harsh materials.


Aerie Lite’s main competitor is Victoria’s Secret. Victoria’s Secret has a strong brand image and a large following behind them. Every year, Victoria’s Secret hosts the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, which displays their merchandise in a creative and innovative way. In addition to great advertising, Victoria’s Secret has a much larger market share than Aerie. Victoria’s Secret brings in about four billion dollars in annual revenue, while Aerie brings in around 250 million (Team, 2013). However, Victoria’s Secret does not cater to customers who care about sustainability. They offer a more detailed, luxurious look with lots of lace, padding, prints, and embroidery. These styles cannot be made using sustainable materials. Aerie Lite differentiates itself by offering a sexy, more intimate look that is made with the environment in mind. Aerie Lite’s customers are confident women who don’t need any “extras” to help them feel better about their bodies.


Aerie Lite’s customers are women between the ages of 18-25 who live in suburban areas. The Aerie Lite customer is a modern hippie, who embodies a bohemian style.They have bubbly, easy going personalities. They take part in helping the environment by recycling, conserving water, and biking to work. Stores this customer shops in include Patagonia, LUSH Cosmetics, and American Apparel. The Aerie Lite customer is a student with a small amount of disposable income, so she wants garments that will last. She utilizes social media outlets such as Instagram and VSCOcam. She likes using her free time to do yoga or volunteer. Aerie Lite’s target customer cares about the well being of others and the world around them. Aerie Lite customers research brands, and make purchasing decisions based on the environmental impact of the product (Rayapura, 2014).


Aerie Lite strives to encourage women to embrace natural beauty and natural fashion. The unlined and unpadded bras encourage customers to be proud of their bodies. Aerie Lite customers will feel proud of their purchase because they are supporting a brand with a commitment to the environment. Not only are Aerie Lite’s materials eco-friendly, Aerie Lite donates a portion of its proceeds to environmentalist charities.


A sustainable lingerie brand will appeal to this market because millenials care more about the environment than any other age demographic. 75% of this demographic believes that humans are responsible for global warming (Timm, 2014). This changes millenials’ purchasing decisions. A 2011 Pew survey revealed that millenials are willing to pay more for environmentally responsible products (Rayapura, 2014).  Currently, there is a lack of sustainable brands in the lingerie market. Aerie Lite will make sustainable lingerie accessible to customers across America by making it available at their local malls and online.


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Aerie Lite

Written and Edited by Hillary Henry